It’s over…


Yup… Our trip is over. We’ve been in Brazil for a few days now. We got together with our families and friends, and still have a lot of people to meet.
Things around here haven’t changed that much. Some things are different, of course, but nothing major. Seems like we just left.
The time we spent traveling is like in a limbo now. While we were there, it seemed eternal. Here, seems like it was all a dream. Can you believe we actually went around the world?
Luckily we have the PhotoBackpackers project as a space to register everything we’ve seen. THANK YOU to everyone who followed our trip, commented or simply enjoyed our stories. Your support was important for this trip to happen and, now, to make it even more real. We really, really thank you. 🙂

Oh! And stay tuned: we still have the posts about our two last destinations (Cuba and Chile), and highlights from the trip. And then… Who knows? Once a PhotoBackpacker, always a PhotoBackpacker. 😉


So, what do you think ?