The view from our window


A view of the Eiffel Tower? Of the ocean? Of the mountains? Nope. During our trip we tried to save money in every way we could, and many times the view from our room was a wall, or the neighbor’s rooftop. That when our room HAD windows!

Even still, we took a picture of what we could see from our windows in almost all of our stays. Camping in Venice, bungalow in Thailand, 6 square meters apartment in Hong Kong… We actually slept in many interesting places!
Are you curious about it? Here are the pics we selected for this series. Come and travel with us. 🙂


Londres (Inglaterra)

London (England)

Paris (França)

Paris (France)

Turim (Itália)

Turim (Italy)

Veneza (Itália)

Venice (Italy)

Florença (Itália)

Florence (Italy)

Göreme (Turquia)

Göreme (Turkey)

Istambul (Turquia)

Istambul (Turkey)

Wadi Musa (Jordânia)

Wadi Musa (Jordan)

Jerusalém (Israel)

Jerusalem (Israel)

Tel Aviv (Israel)

Tel Aviv (Israel)

Amã (Jordânia)

Amman (Jordan)

Nova Délhi (Índia)

New Delhi (India)

Udaipur (Índia)

Udaipur (India)

Ubud (Indonésia)

Ubud (Indonesia)

Koh Lanta (Tailândia)

Koh Lanta (Thailand)

Langkawi (Malásia)

Langkawi (Malaysia)

Penang (Malásia)

Penang (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumpur (Malásia)

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Xangai (China)

Shanghai (China)

Huangshan (China)

Huangshan (China)

Shangai (China)

Shanghai (China)

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Rotorua (Nova Zelândia)

Rotorua (New Zealand)

Taupo (Nova Zelândia)

Taupo (New Zealand)

Coromandel (Nova Zelândia)

Coromandel (New Zealand)

Auckland (Nova Zelândia)

Auckland (New Zealand)

Melbourne (Austrália)

Melbourne (Australia)

Sydney (Austrália)

Sydney (Australia)

North Shore (Hawaii)

North Shore (Hawaii)

San Diego (EUA)

San Diego (USA)

Los Angeles (EUA)

Los Angeles (USA)

Playa del Carmen (México)

Playa del Carmen (Mexico)

Havana (Cuba)

Havana (Cuba)

Santiago (Chile)

Santiago (Chile)

So, what do you think ?