Petra, Jordan


Jordan in the only arab country we will visit on this trip. Unfortunately, the situation in the Middle East is more unstable than usual, and we rather not risk it. However, being here was enough to give us a little taste of the arab culture.

The people, instead of what some people may imagine, are friendly and welcoming. They can give you a hard time whenever they’re trying to sell you at all costs a cheap jewerly or a camel ride, even if you’re not even remotely interested. However, this is their way of making business. By the way, if you ever visit Jordan, don’t forget to ALWAYS bargain – many dinars will be saved.

Another perceptible thing is that the arab society is dominated by men. There’s almost no women in the streets and, when there are, they have their bodies fully covered. This can make people that came from other places, like us, a bit uncomfortable. But, again, this is how they live. We came all this way to get to know this place, it’s not up to us to make any judgments or try to impose our way of living on them.

About their geography, rocks and deserts are the most common things around here. It’s amazing how these people were able to survive and develop their communities among this environment. Wonderful cities were built in the desert, and maybe the most beautiful of them all is Petra. Carved in stone over two thousands years ago, Petra has seen the rise and fall of the Nabataeans. The city was abandoned during many centuries, and now, rediscovered, is Jordan’s main tourist attraction. Check out the photos and you will understand why.


A entrada de Petra é chamada de al-Siq. Um maravilhoso caminho ladeado por paredões de rochas avermelhadas.

The entrance to Petra is called al-Siq. A wonderful path with huge walls of red rocks..





O Monastério é um dos mais bonitos e conservados edifícios de Petra. Faz valer a pena a subida de 1h30 e mais de 800 degraus que leva até ele.

The Monastery is one of the most beautiful and well conserved buildings of Petra. It’s worth to climb the 800 steps during over one and a half hours that leads to it.

Muitas crianças trabalham em Petra vendendo cartões-postais e bijuterias aos turistas. Porém elas não deixam de ser crianças. Às vezes deixam o serviço de lado para brincar. O garoto da foto fantasiava correr com seu cavalo entre os grandes paredões. Talvez já se imaginava na futura profissão, pois muitos desses garotos, quando adultos, continuam trabalhando em Petra, transportando turistas em cavalos e camelos.

Many children work in Petra selling postcards and jewerly to the tourists. However, they don’t stop being children. The kid from the photo was pretending to run through the walls with his horse. Perhaps imagining himself in the future, because many of these kids, when grown, continue to work in Petra, giving tourists horse and camel rides.

A Jordânia é governada por esse cara: o Rei Abdullah. Todo o povo adora o homem, e todo estabelecimento ostenta pelo menos uma foto dele na parede.

Jordan is ruled by this man: King Abdullah. Everyone loves him, and all establishments have his picture on the wall.

Em Petra até tendas de suvenires estão instaladas entre as rochas. E na parede, como de costume, um retrato do Rei Abdullah todo pimpão.

In Petra even the souvenirs tents are instaled among the rocks. And on the wall, as usual, a nice picture of the King.



Petra foi um destino belo e interessante. Nos despedimos daqui e partimos na direção oeste, para a fronteira com Israel. Próxima parada: a cidade sagrada de Jerusalém!

Petra was a beautiful and interesting destination. We head West from here, towards the border with Israel. Next stop: the holy city of Jerusalem!

So, what do you think ?