California, USA


“Dream of Californicaaaatioooon”… On a sunny morning Guto sang this song and talked Tati into visiting California.

JUST KIDDING! Of course we wouldn’t go there based on such a silly reason. But California wasn’t in our initial plans, and we really had to talk ourselves into going there.
On our original itinerary we would leave Hawaii and head straight to Chicago. The problem is that it’s not possible to do that anymore, you have to stopover in Los Angeles. And since we were there already… we decided to spend two weeks on the richest state of America!
We went from the south to the north, from San Diego to San Francisco, going through LA and many interesting little cities.


San Diego fica coladinha no México e tem MUITO da cultura de lá.

San Diego is right next to Mexico and has a LOT of its culture.

Até cactus encontramos, facinho, facinho!

You can even easily find cactus all around!

De San Diego partimos na nossa road trip até San Francisco. Essa viagem de carro é conhecida como uma das mais legais para se fazer nos EUA. Durante o caminho dá pra notar muuuita gente fazendo o mesmo caminho.

We started our road trip in San Diego, towards San Francisco. This is known as one of the nicest road trips in the country. On our way we could notice maaaany people doing the same thing.

A parte mais famosa do trajeto é chamada Big Sur. Entre San Simeon e Carmel, duas pequenas cidades litorâneas, a Highway 1 fica coladinha na costa, permitindo lindas vistas das formações rochosas da região. Também há vários pontos estrategicamente localizados para parar o carro e ficar de queixo caído.

The most famous part of the journey is called Big Sur. Between San Simeon and Carmel, two small cities, Highway 1 gets really close to the coast, rewarding the drivers with amazing views of the region rock formations. There are also many viewpoints strategically located for you to stop and admire all the beauty.

Passamos pelo Orange County, aquele mesmo do seriado O.C., e essa é uma das “casinhas” dolugar. Pra quem não assistia, basta olhar a foto pra perceber que é uma das regiões mais bem-afortunadas doestado.

We drove by Orange County, the same one from the tv show O.C., and this is one of the houses we found there. For those of you who didn’t watch it, you just have to take a quick look at this picture to realize that this is one of the wealthiest regions of the state.

Afortunados talvez seja mesmo a melhor palavra para descrevê-los, afinal essa é a vista que eles têm das suas janelas.

This is their view. These guys are lucky, right?

No famoso pier de Santa Bárbara, apesar do clima nublado, ficamos vendo o tempo passar na companhia dos amigos pelicanos.

On the famous Santa Barbara pier, even though it was cloudy, we could relax among our pelican friends.



Esse prêmio a Tati comprou ganhou lá em LA, em frente ao Dolby Theather, onde ocorrem as (reais) cerimônias do Oscar!

Tati bought won this award in LA, right in front of the Dolby Theater, where the Academy Awards are held!

Guto, o potato nazzi, comendo o melhor dos muitos hambúrgueres que comemos na terra dos hambúrgueres.

Guto, the potato nazzi, having one of the best burgers we had in the burger homeland.

Aqui em San Francisco as pessoas têm estilo, baby.

People are stylish in SanFran, baby.

E também têm píers, que estão entre as principais atrações da cidade.

Many piers over here as well, and they are some of the main attractions of the city.

But our drive through California was more than amazing sights, movie stars and adorable towns. The best part of this trip was meeting our friends!
In San Diego, Mari was a sweetie and showed us the best of the city, including the famous Californian drink: mimosas. In San Francisco, Carol and Lilo gave us housing, friendship and great conversations. Besides, it was Guto’s birthday while we were there, and it was perfectly celebrated with a barbecue (cooked by Lilo) and Brazilian brigadeiros (cooked by Carol) – everything to make us feel really at home! In LA, Edu shared some beers with us, during some great talks.
We can only thank our friends for these great moments!






Pensem na alegria das crianças com muita saudade de casa ao serem presenteadas com esses brigadeiros lindos!

Imagine how happy we were when Carol showed us these delicious brigadeiros! Yay!



In the end, our visit to California was so nice that time went by pretty quickly, and it actually seemed like we had just a stopover at the airport. Soon came the time to move to our next destination. Here we go to Chicago!

So, what do you think ?