Turin, Italy


Turin is one of the biggest and most important cities in Italy. It’s located on the Piemonte region, in the north, and it’s culturally and economically relevant for the country. However, it’s not a big touristic spot. We got here because it’s the hometown of the italian part of Guto’s family.

Inspite of being (relatively) big, Turin is a calm and welcoming city. A great place to have our first contact with Italy. We rented a room in a local home here as well, and we were hosted by a really nice family of artists! There we were able to get to know a little more about the italian culture, besides practicing the language.

We spent only three days in Turin. Not much, but enough to try out some pizza, explore old italian streets, and take some great walks along the margins of the Po river.

O centro de Turim mantém a arquitetura antiga, mas tem abertura para o novo.

The city center maintains its old architecture, but it’s also opened for new things.

Só pegamos dias de sol. Os turinenses aproveitavam as diversas praças da cidade.

It was sunny during our stay. People were enjoying the many “piazzas” spreaded around the city.

Grafite próximo à margem do Pó, onde ocorrem muitas apresentações musicais.

Graffiti close to the margins of the Po river, where many musical performances happen (we saw a few, by the way).

The Po river is clean and pleasant.

The Po river is clean and pleasant.

E suas margens foram o melhor local que encontramos para apreciar o pôr-do-sol.

And its margins were the best place we found to enjoy the sunset.

O brasão no capacete é o da cidade de Turim. Apesar da cara de durão, o policial tava com vergonha de tirar a foto! =)

The symbol on his hat representes the city arms.
Despite his tough face, the officer was embarrassed to take the picture! =)

Não podia faltar a pizza, paixão nacional italiana. Não tem conversa, no restaurante cada um tem que comer uma inteira!

And of course we have to talk about the pizza, the italian passion.
There’s no other way, everyone has to eat a whole one!

Next stop: Venice! Soon a lot more pictures on the website!

So, what do you think ?