Tips from Italy


After London and Paris, it’s time to share some tips about the land of our families, the beautiful Italy!

We’ve already talked about how renting rooms in local homes has been helping us to live some great experiences and, at the same time, stay in our budget. In Italy it wasn’t different. In Turin we stayed in the house of a very sweet family, that provided us with a lot of confort and interesting conversations. Their home was full of personality, a reflex from the owners’ artistic gifts: Sonia is a stylist and Max is an engineer during the day, but a writer and singer when he’s off work.


Nosso quarto confortável em Turim.

Our confortable room in Turin.

O Guto achou até um violão para matar as saudades!

Guto even found a guitar to play!

Detalhe da casa de Sonia e Max.

Detail of Sonia and Max’s home.

In Rome we also used AirBnB. There we met Claudia and Federica, two italian girls from different parts of the country, who were willing to help us with everything we needed. One of the nights, Federica even prepared an authentic italian pasta for us (which was amazing), and we said thank you by preparing brigadeiro (a brazilian dessert) and caipirinha for them. It was a great night that reminded us of what this kind of accomodation is about: being able to interact with your hosts.


Um gostinho do que experimentamos na casa das meninas.

A little bit of what we tasted at the girls’ house.

In Venice and Florence, however, it wasn’t easy to find a place to stay that was well located and didn’t cost a small fortune. So we chose camping sites! The tents are a little different from what we have in Brazil, they are big structures with real beds, which offer a little more confort. The average price is between 10 and 15 euros per person, which is actually quite cheap for these cities, even when compared to hostels. But, like everything else in life, camping also has its disavantages. For Tati, the main one was waking up screaming in the middle of the night because a enormous and disgusting snail was trying to find a spot to rest in the middle of her bed. Eww!


Encontramos oliveiras nos dois campings! Mas não tentem comer as azeitonas, o Guto comprovou que elas só são boas depois da conserva mesmo. Hehe.

We found olive trees in both campings! But don’t try to eat the olives, Guto learned the hard way that they don’t taste good when they’re raw, haha.

In both cities the campings were well located. The one in Venice is actually in Mestre, a city near by, but with a 10 minutes bus ride we were at the island. And the Florence one, is next to Piazzale Michelangelo, a sightseeing spot where there is a beautiful view of the whole city. There we had two picnics at dawn, watching the city light up. An unforgetable moment that didn’t cost us much!

Talking about affordable things to do, one thing that is really cheap in Italy is eating pizza! A margherita one, for example, is around 5 euros. They usually eat a whole one, but we tried it only once (and had a hard time finishing it!). Other times we always shared it, which lowered the price to 2 to 3 euros for each one of us.

We also had a lot of fun going to a bar to watch a football match with some fanatic Romans. The price of the pizza was the same, but the beer was a little more expensive. One for each of us just to make the experience complete.


Dia de jogo em Roma. Pizza, cerveja e vitória do Roma sobre o Sampdoria!

Game time in Rome. Pizza, beer and a victory from Rome over Sampdoria!

And of course we have to talk about the main thing to do in all italian cities: walk, walk and walk. By doing so you will get know the city and find streets full of charm and history – and it’s free!


Flanando pelas ruelas cheias de charme de Veneza.

Walking around Venice’s charming little streets.

So, what do you think ?