Historical chitchat


In Sweden we had the oportunity to meet Hugo, a 93-year-old gentleman, who actually looks 70 and feels 20. Not such an ordinary man, Hugo is very cheerful, smart and communicative. So that, even though we don’t speak a word in swedish and he doesn’t speak portuguese as well, we were able to talk a little – with the help of other people and the good old hand gestures.

As it usually happens when we mention where we come from, one of the topics of the conversation was football. Hugo is fanatic about it, and told us about the World Cup held in Sweden (one he could follow closely). For those who don’t remember, it was in that World Cup, in 1958, that Brazil won its first world title. And the final opponent was actually the Swedish team, who had a bitter result: 5×2. Hugo remembers that game very well: “Pelé was the youngest and was already the best of them! But the whole team was excellent. You were just playing with us”.

Hugo Kimsjö, 93

Hugo Kimsjö, 93

He also told us that his family was the first in his neighborhood to own a TV, that was bought specially to watch the World Cup. When he couldn’t go to the stadium, he gathered with his neighbors in the living room to watch the games.

Sweden is currently vying for the 2014 World Cup playoffs, and Hugo trusts them: “We have Zlatan (Ibrahimovic)”!

Our hope is that the team not only classifies for the Cup but also plays in Curitiba. As good Brazilians (and Curitiba Ambassadors for the 2014 World Cup) we already invited Hugo to come watch the games and stay with us. One of his life dreams is to go to Brazil, and what better opportunity than this?


So, what do you think ?