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Selfies around the world

Taking a picture in front of tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes is a must-do for most travelers. It wasn’t different for us. Having the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful places, of course we couldn’t resist the temptation of taking some selfies. And we tried to be creative and do something a little […]


Tati’s Top 10 Experiences

Like Guto talked about in our last post, we don’t carry in our memory just the places we visited, but mostly the experiences we had. That’s what we usually remember and talk about whenever we are among friends or when someone asks about the trip. And that’s why we’re doing this list, so we can […]


Guto’s Top 10 Experiences

The question is usually inevitable: “Which was your favorite place?”. It’s common that people become curious about this when they hear we went around the globe. But it’s a tough question to answer. I could say that the best place on the planet are the beaches in Thailand. But then I remember about the beaches […]


Santiago, Chile

We finally reached Chile, our last destination. Facing the end of our trip is a complicated task. We spent 10 beautiful and emotionally confusing days in Santiago. Like we said here before, we’re divided between the joy of coming back home and the sadness of leaving this amazing adventure behind. We tried to enjoy our […]


Getting in the mood

This past weekend we threw a party to say goodbye to our friends. And, to get them in the mood of the trip, we suggested that everyone brought a dish from one of the places we’ll go through during the next nine months. That way, they would get to know more about the culture of […]


Dancing around the world

Matt is a peculiar guy known online for a few years now. But we always enjoy watching his videos again. This guy has been a great inspiration for us.