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How we saved up money in London

Lots of people ask us how we are organizing our itinerary and budget in each town. So we’ll do a post with some tips from each place. Here goes our notes about London:   Transportation: The public transportation in London is very expensive. It actually took a good part of our budget. But it takes […]


London, England – Part 2

Amazing! During the nine days we stayed in London it was SUNNY. Yay! That means we took a lot of walks and pictures. 🙂   Unfortunately our stay in London has come to an end. Different from what we had heard, the city is receptive, organized, beautiful. We loved it! But even thought we’re leaving, […]


Harry Potter Fans

Yesterday was September 1st, a very special day to Harry Potter fans. It’s on this day that, in the story, the train leaves from platform 9 3/4 taking the wizard students to Hogwarts. Since we’re in London, we decided to go to King’s Cross Station (that is actually real) to see if someone had gotten […]


London, UK

We arrived in London past monday, August 26th, and were surprised by two things. The first was the sun, that has been following us since our first day on this city that is known for its grey skies. The second, believe us, was a huge carnival party. Yes, we came all the way from Brazil […]