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Sunset at Montmartre

Au revoir, Paris. A short video to remind us of this amazing city. Doesn’t it make you wanna be there?


Tips from Paris

Continuing our series of posts with tips from some of the cities we’ll go through, we want to share with you some of the things of the beautiful Paris that helped our experience and our budget. Just as we did in London, we rented a room through AirBnB in Paris as well. However, the owner […]


Paris, France

Paris is everything you hear about, and even more. During some moments we even put the cameras aside to actually enjoy the city. However, inspired by Bresson, Doisneau, Atget, and other great masters of photography – that wander and photographed throughout these same streets – we did some images of the interesting scenes that we […]



We’ve arrived in Paris! And this is the key of our room. Is this city charming or what? =)