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Istanbul, Turkey

Arriving in Istambul after visiting Cappadocia was a shock. We left a calm village to find a huge urban center where 13 million of people live. And Istanbul has everything that a city of 13 million people can offer: historical buildings, fascinating culture, crazy traffic, heavy pollution… Wonders and chaos. A crowded street market is […]


Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia (or Kapadokya for the Turkish) is a region in Turkey with beautiful rocky formations, that resulted from vulcanic activities that started more than 3 million years ago. With time, valleys and hills were formed, creating a beautiful landscape, different from everything we had seen so far. During some moments, it feels like you’re walking […]


Södertälje, Sweden

Södertälje is a small town in Sweden, next to the capital Stockholm. Guto’s sister lives there, she’s married to a Swedish guy. And that’s why we chose this place as one of our destinations. We spent a week among family, getting to know friends and doing some Swedish things: from looking for (and finding) wild […]


Tips from Italy

After London and Paris, it’s time to share some tips about the land of our families, the beautiful Italy! We’ve already talked about how renting rooms in local homes has been helping us to live some great experiences and, at the same time, stay in our budget. In Italy it wasn’t different. In Turin we […]


Historical chitchat

In Sweden we had the oportunity to meet Hugo, a 93-year-old gentleman, who actually looks 70 and feels 20. Not such an ordinary man, Hugo is very cheerful, smart and communicative. So that, even though we don’t speak a word in swedish and he doesn’t speak portuguese as well, we were able to talk a […]


Rome, Italy

Click on the pictures to see them in a better resolution. The best word to describe Rome is: impressive. The city manages to combine in a very enjoyable way the urban chaos of a cosmopolitan city to the great historical sites that makes us think about the beggining of modern society. It’s a city that […]


Florence, Italy

When you walk around Florence it feels like you went back 500 years in time. Florence was were Renaissance was born. So a great part of its architecture and attractions maintain the style of that time. But those aren’t the only things that are noticeable: the great gastronomy and the characteristic italian people are also […]


Venice, Italy

Venice is definitely the most photogenic city we’ve met so far. In every corner there’s a new texture, color or special scene. Every window, bridge, gondola, is an invitation to a new picture. We spent two days there, but it was one of the cities that we photographed the most. It was hard to select […]


Turin, Italy

Turin is one of the biggest and most important cities in Italy. It’s located on the Piemonte region, in the north, and it’s culturally and economically relevant for the country. However, it’s not a big touristic spot. We got here because it’s the hometown of the italian part of Guto’s family. Inspite of being (relatively) […]


Sunset at Montmartre

Au revoir, Paris. A short video to remind us of this amazing city. Doesn’t it make you wanna be there?