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Chicago, USA

In 2009, when we were on our interchange program in the United States, we tried visiting Chicago. We had already bought the guides, we had planned what we were going to do and everything. But it turned out we couldn’t go, because of an unfortunate turn of events. But what could we do, right? We […]


California, USA

“Dream of Californicaaaatioooon”… On a sunny morning Guto sang this song and talked Tati into visiting California. JUST KIDDING! Of course we wouldn’t go there based on such a silly reason. But California wasn’t in our initial plans, and we really had to talk ourselves into going there. On our original itinerary we would leave […]


Hawaii, USA

To go to Hawaii is the dream of every surfer, of every person who enjoys the beach, of everyone who loves sea life and of whoever likes stunning landscapes. And you know what? They are all right. It’s so impressive! For starters, it’s important to understand that the state of Hawaii has, actually, 8 main […]