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Delhi and Agra, India

We want to start this post by saying that nothing we write here can actually describe what India is really like, neither the impact it has on innocent tourists. We researched a lot about the country and the cultural shock it has on western visitors. We read about the scams, about the dirty roads, about […]


Tel Aviv, Israel

We would love to tell some details about Tel Aviv, that is indeed a beautiful city. However, we were there only for three days, and when we saw the sun, the sand and the clear ocean, we couldn’t resist it. We dropped our plans – and our cameras – and decided to enjoy de beach […]


Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is a surprising place. The city is sacred to three of the biggest religions in the world, because over there happened some historical events to the cristian, jewish and muslin beliefs. That’s where it all starts, but it goes further than that: the history and the culture of the place is from millions of […]


Wadi Musa, Jordan

Wadi Musa is the city in Jordan that is next to the historical site of Petra. Like in other muslin cities, in some moments during the day you can hear a call to prayer, sung at the top of the mosques. The muslin call to prayer is equivalent to the ring bells of the catholic […]


Petra, Jordan

Jordan in the only arab country we will visit on this trip. Unfortunately, the situation in the Middle East is more unstable than usual, and we rather not risk it. However, being here was enough to give us a little taste of the arab culture. The people, instead of what some people may imagine, are […]