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Arts in Curitiba

One characteristic of Curitiba is its strong connection with arts. While walking its streets, it’s very common to find actors, musicians, craftsmen, poets, and many other artists doing their beautiful jobs.  


Dancing around the world

Matt is a peculiar guy known online for a few years now. But we always enjoy watching his videos again. This guy has been a great inspiration for us.



Planning a Round the World Trip is not an easy task. You can’t see everything at once. And when you realize that, you have to start making your first cuts. The country you’ve always dreamed about going may not fit in your route (or budget). And each cut makes you feel a little sad. But […]


Curitiba, Brazil

Our hometown is the starting point of our journey, so it’s only fair we share some pictures of it. Curitiba, this cold city of the south of Brazil, our home since we were born, has a lot of cool places to see. Here are a few images of it’s main tourist spots.