San Diego (EUA)

The view from our window

A view of the Eiffel Tower? Of the ocean? Of the mountains? Nope. During our trip we tried to save money in every way we could, and many times the view from our room was a wall, or the neighbor’s rooftop. That when our room HAD windows! Even still, we took a picture of what […]

Petra (Jordânia)

Selfies around the world

Taking a picture in front of tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes is a must-do for most travelers. It wasn’t different for us. Having the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful places, of course we couldn’t resist the temptation of taking some selfies. And we tried to be creative and do something a little […]


Many Reasons to Travel

A photographer couple that decided to leave everything behind to embark on the adventure of a lifetime: a nine month trip around the globe. After 278 days, 4 continents, 20 coutries and over 70 thousand Kilometers, we put together this video with some of the most remarkable moments of our journey. Thanks to our friends […]


Tati’s Top 10 Experiences

Like Guto talked about in our last post, we don’t carry in our memory just the places we visited, but mostly the experiences we had. That’s what we usually remember and talk about whenever we are among friends or when someone asks about the trip. And that’s why we’re doing this list, so we can […]


Guto’s Top 10 Experiences

The question is usually inevitable: “Which was your favorite place?”. It’s common that people become curious about this when they hear we went around the globe. But it’s a tough question to answer. I could say that the best place on the planet are the beaches in Thailand. But then I remember about the beaches […]

Melhor despedida, impossível.

Santiago, Chile

We finally reached Chile, our last destination. Facing the end of our trip is a complicated task. We spent 10 beautiful and emotionally confusing days in Santiago. Like we said here before, we’re divided between the joy of coming back home and the sadness of leaving this amazing adventure behind. We tried to enjoy our […]


Going back to your childhood

Traveling is, in a way, like going back to your childhood. Like a little kid, the traveler has to face the unknown. Looks at its yard and sees the world, full of mysteries, and goes out to face them. Feels new sensations with the five, or six, or even seven senses. Learn words, meanings, concepts, and suddenly sees everything upside down. Get in touch with the different and, by that, grows up.
~ ~ PhotoBackpackers ~ ~


Cuba is one of these subjects that can turn a conversation in a bar into an ideological fight. Everyone has a formed opinion, and even though you discuss it, it’s hard to change a personal point of view. It’s like politics, religion and, in Brazil, soccer. In fact, Cuba is all of that combined – […]


Yup… Our trip is over. We’ve been in Brazil for a few days now. We got together with our families and friends, and still have a lot of people to meet.
Things around here haven’t changed that much. Some things are different, of course, but nothing major. Seems like we just left.
The time we spent traveling is like in a limbo now. While we were there, it seemed eternal. Here, seems like it was all a dream. Can you believe we actually went around the world?
Luckily we have the PhotoBackpackers project as a space to register everything we’ve seen. THANK YOU to everyone who followed our trip, commented or simply enjoyed our stories. Your support was important for this trip to happen and, now, to make it even more real. We really, really thank you. 🙂

Oh! And stay tuned: we still have the posts about our two last destinations (Cuba and Chile), and highlights from the trip. And then… Who knows? Once a PhotoBackpacker, always a PhotoBackpacker. 😉



The Cuban Fight

This face and fist are the reflection of our stay in Havana. The Cuban people are hard workers. Little more than a century ago, after 400 years of being under Spanish domain, they fought and reached a late independence at the cost of a lot of blood. Independent, they kept fighting to get rid of […]


Travel Journal – Day 276

Today is the day 276 of our trip. We have 2 days left. In a few hours we’ll be back in our families arms. Back to our hometown, to our friends, to our culture. We’ll feel like we belong again. We’ll be back to a common routine. This feeling is very confusing. We’re so immersed […]


And now our hearts are divided. So happy and anxious about coming back in a few days, about meeting our families, about the sincere talks with our best friends, about the joy of coming home, about listening to Portuguese again, about being able to eat a pastel on any street or having a plate of rice and beans. But how do we let go of the nomad life? How do we accept the end of an amazing journey? How do we leave behind the new and the unknown of every single day? How do we come back to real life? How do we remember everything we’ve been through, the great joys and even the big challenges, and do not want… more?

Either way, all we can do is move on. And enjoy every little moment we have left. 🙂

Chegando em Playa del Carmen.

Cancun, Mexico

What can we say about Cancun? Maybe the first thing, and the most important one, should be that we didn’t actually stay there. Haha! According to its fame, Cancun is about great parties, big hotels, strong waves and American people everywhere. Well… We had just left the US, and Cancun would be our only opportunity […]

O aniversário do estádio Wrigley's Field foi uma grande festa! Comidinhas, camisetas e chapeuzinhos de aniversário foram distribuídos, além de muitas bandinhas por toda a parte. Esta aqui chamou nossa atenção com sua marchinha. :)

Chicago, USA

In 2009, when we were on our interchange program in the United States, we tried visiting Chicago. We had already bought the guides, we had planned what we were going to do and everything. But it turned out we couldn’t go, because of an unfortunate turn of events. But what could we do, right? We […]

San Diego fica coladinha no México e tem MUITO da cultura de lá.

California, USA

“Dream of Californicaaaatioooon”… On a sunny morning Guto sang this song and talked Tati into visiting California. JUST KIDDING! Of course we wouldn’t go there based on such a silly reason. But California wasn’t in our initial plans, and we really had to talk ourselves into going there. On our original itinerary we would leave […]

Que tal essa vista?

Hawaii, USA

To go to Hawaii is the dream of every surfer, of every person who enjoys the beach, of everyone who loves sea life and of whoever likes stunning landscapes. And you know what? They are all right. It’s so impressive! For starters, it’s important to understand that the state of Hawaii has, actually, 8 main […]

É proibido abraçar os coalas (sério, existe uma lei dizendo isso). Mas pode olhar e dizer "óóóóuuuunnn" quantas vezes quiser.

Sydney, Australia

Our stay in Sydney was about cute animals and nice people we met there. 😉 From the moment we put Australia in our itinerary we were already expecting to be surprised by the craziest fauna on the planet, and also expecting to meet some great people. But in both cases the result was better than […]

Melbourne ao pôr-do-sol, vista da Eureka Tower - o ponto de observação mais alto do sul do mundo!

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne was one of these great surprises. It got into our itinerary at the last second, just because we had one extra flight and decided to use it on a bonus destination. And what a great decision that was!   The cultural capital of Australia was one of the most alive cities we’ve seen. Their […]

Uma das nossas esculturas preferidas.

North Island, New Zealand

As amazing as it may seem, to reach Oceania and get in touch with the western culture again was a really big shock. After five months of communication difficulties, that increased to the point of total incomprehension (I’m talking about you, lady from the hotel in Tongli, China!), it felt odd to arrive in a […]